Open for Business!

Miavahn a posted Nov 22, 17
Flyers have been posted around Eorzea.

The Gnarled Oak Tavern and Inn is now open for business and is looking for patrons and employees alike.

Do you consider yourself an adventurer and find yourself in need of a place to rest your head at the end of a long sun completing leves, or perhaps a merchant wanting a place to stay while you peddle your wares in and around the Black Shroud? Maybe you're just an enthusiast of a stiff drink and decent company. We welcome you to consider calling the Gnarled Oak Tavern your home!

Looking for work?

If you find yourself able to entertain, be it through flinging drinks, singing songs, or dealing cards, we have need of you! If you're a capable cook with penchant for perfection in all dishes served, we have need of you!

Find your skills lay in more a combative realm? Through the connections made with the adventuring guilds across Eorzea we've established a levemete hub of our own to host contracts available through the guilds as well as private citizens. Find and turn in work without trekking all the way back to the city proper!

For more information or a cold drink stop by:
Ward 12, Plot 16 Lavender Beds

OOC Bit:

Alright! We're finally open and ready to start accepting applications! Our free company is open to any sort of character, be they adventurer or entertainer... or anywhere in between! No matter what calling your character has in life (outside of the villanous sort, of course), they could potentially have a spot here in the company!

So, if you're even remotely interested in what we have to offer, peruse our forum for a little more information about the company and its policies. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our members to have them answered!

Above all, thanks for considering Gnarled Oak as your place to call home!

For more detailed company information, peruse our site or contact C'lehna Rhek/Sedalyn Brenner or C'vahn Tia/Mialyre Vance in game.